Our Mission

The Immaculate Conception Catholic School strives to provide an environment of mutual respect firmly rooted in Catholic Christian ideals.

Our Goals

Goals for the Immaculate Conception Catholic School flow from Mission and the fundamental understanding of the institution as a Christian Educational community.

Our History

Father Smyth (Parish Priest: 1884-1904) is quoted as saying “A parish without a Catholic School is only half a parish.” And so, in 1893 he started building the Convent and School, very much along the style of the Convent in Antigua. This meant the downstairs housed the school and upstairs was used as the Sisters’ dwelling. It is the same building we still have to the North of the Church – Parish Centre.

Our Crest


Oval-egg   presents a similarity to the old crest of the St. Theresa’s Convent School in terms of shape. The egg symbolizes the security of an embryo.

Our School Anthem

Immaculate Conception our Catholic School so Dear

To your morals and values we your obedient students adhere.

And nothing is impossible with God at our side

We’ll obey and live our motto with great dignity and pride.