God is at the center of the educational program.  Classes in Christian Living, prayer services, and Eucharistic celebrations focus on Christ, His message, and living as a Christian.

Believing that, ”Nothing is Impossible with God”, the Catholic School Board, Administrators, and Faculty  have committed to creating a World Class School for its students.

Affording ICCS

In order to ensure that students from families with limited financial resources have access to a Catholic school education scholarship assistance will be provided.

Process To Apply

Students of families that are practicing parishioners shall be given preference. Students from other parishes are to be admitted, if possible. Students of other religious beliefs may be admitted, if space permits. A child should have completed two years of preschool or should have attained the age of five (5) years. The child’s birth certificate shall be required for verification of age before he/she is enrolled. The ability of a new student to achieve at a specific grade level, shall be determined by conference with the parents and/or by the results of a placement test/evaluation which the receiving school administers.


The Immaculate Conception School campus is being designed with Cat6 wiring to provide state of the art Technology, networking, and communications.


The education in the lower school is geared to develop students’ inquisitive nature by encouraging them to ask questions and find answers. Young learners will thrive in this environment and advance in Language Arts, Mathematics, Christian Living, Technology, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Spanish, Visual Art and the Performing Arts.


ICCS offers supervised Physical Education classes for K—Gr. 6 and P.E. is considered a club option in grades 7—11. Students at ICCS have the opportunity to represent the school in sporting activities such as cricket, football and track and field.