2012 – 2013 TUITION

K – 2  Tuition:  EC$1105.00 per term

3 – 6  Tuition:  EC$1325.00 per term

7 – 8  Tuition:  EC$1655.00 per term

9 -11 Tutition: EC$1825.00 per term


TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – “No Child Will Be Denied Due to Financial Circumstances”

In order to ensure that students from families with limited financial resources have access to a Catholic school education scholarship assistance will be provided.




1. The student must be Catholic, residing in St. Kitts for over 1 year.

2. The family must be registered and active in a Catholic parish.

3. The student must be entering grades Kindergarten through 11th grade.

4. The family must qualify for the income criteria as set by the Catholic School Board.

5. The student may not already be receiving a scholarship from the Catholic Scholarship Fund.

6. Applications must be complete with supporting documentation and submitted promptly.

7. Students should not have any behavioral infractions.



1. Family determines if they qualify for the grant by referring to the income and household size guidelines on the application.

Note: This will include all family income.

2. The family must be registered and accepted at ICCS.

3. Once a student is registered at ICCS, family completes all information requested on application form, obtains all requested signatures, and returns the application form to the Director of Finance and Advancement Office.

The program is first-come, first-served, therefore families must follow program guidelines and meet the income criteria to be eligible. All applications received in the Director of Finance Office will be dated in the order received.

4. All documentation must be received in the Director of Finance and Advancement Office prior to the published deadline date for a family’s application to be eligible for a grant.

If a family’s application was among the first to be received and the family meets all registration and criteria guidelines, the Scholarship Fund Committee will commit to award a tuition grant to be paid directly to the school. Each term the applicant is required write a letter requesting funds for that term. A new application will need to be filed in all subsequent years if assistance is needed.



1. The Finance Office discusses the applicants and circumstances with the Head of School and then compiles all applications and submits them to the Scholarship Fund Committee for review. A proposal for scholarship fund distribution is drawn up by the Head of School and Director of Finance, in conjunction with the Finance Committee of the Catholic School Board. The proposal is then presented to the Catholic School Board at its next meeting.

2.  The Head of School and Finance Director will be notified of grantsthat have been awarded to applicants and of those applicants who do not qualify. The Scholarship Fund Committee will notify each family, in writing, of their grant award. Letters will also be sent to those families who did not qualify for a grant award at this time.

3.  Payments will be made directly to the school early in the second semester.

NOTE: An application is filed for each subsequent year that assistance is needed.