Admission to Immaculate Conception Catholic School is based upon the following criteria:

Students of families that are practicing parishioners shall be given preference. Students from other parishes are to be admitted, if possible. Students of other religious beliefs may be admitted, if space permits. A child should have completed two years of preschool or should have attained the age of five (5) years. The child’s birth certificate shall be required for verification of age before he/she is enrolled. The ability of a new student to achieve at a specific grade level, shall be determined by conference with the parents and/or by the results of a placement test/evaluation which the receiving school administers.

Class sizes must be in compliance with the regulations of the Education Act. In all cases, class sizes are appropriate for effective teaching and learning. The pupil-teacher ratio in all shall not exceed 25 to 1.

Secondary school teachers may not be assigned more than 32 teaching sessions per week or more than 30 pupils in per class section.

In the case of children who have been home-schooled and who are seeking admission into ICCS, students will not be accepted into an exit grade (6th-11th grades). Properdocumentation must be submitted to the school for the purposes of evaluation and placement, including but not limited to:

  • portfolio of student’s work
  • report cards
  • recommendations from previous schools
  • home school curriculum used with child
  • grade level/subject testing
  • participation in their faith community

As an organized school system, we recognize home-schooling, however, it is not a part of the Catholic School System. In addition, standardized testing or other testing measures as determined by the school may be required prior to admission. The school retains the right to place the student in the grade or courses deemed appropriate.

Transfer student requests from other schools: School records will be completely reviewed with regard to discipline, attendance and academics to determine whether the student will be admitted.