Welcome Alumni & Friends of ICCS

The Alumni Association of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School (‘ICCS’) on St. Kitts, was created to commemorate the history and celebrate the former students and teachers of the St. Theresa’s Convent High and St. Joseph’s Primary schools which merged in 2010 to become the ICCS, as well as the graduates of the ICCS itself – the class of 2011 being the very first graduating class.

Visit the school’s Alumni Association page for more information.


A Brief Overview

In the annals of St. Kitts-Nevis, the story of St. Theresa’s Convent school and St. Joseph’s primary school plays a considerable role – since it was these two Catholic schools which served the educational needs of many of her children for over one hundred years.

However, due to fiscal pressures, it was determined in the early part of the 21st century, that the two schools should be closed.

As fate (perhaps providence) would have it, even as the prospect of permanent closure loomed, hope shone her light anew.

In 2003 a Catholic businessman and philanthropist from Syracuse, Mr. Daniel Mezzalingua came to the rescue of the financially battered schools. Mr. Mezzalingua came up with a plan for the total rebuilding of the campus and the unification of the two schools into one exceptional and exemplary Catholic school – now known as the ICCS, but firmly rooted in the traditions of the two prior schools.

(Read more about this in the school’s history)

Our Alumni Association’s logo was designed by St. Theresa’s alumna, Margaret Hodge (of St. Kitts) to reflect the fact that the Convent School (represented by the color green) and the St. Joseph’s ‘Roman’ school (represented by the color blue – with the khaki of both uniforms serving as a common denominator) are now united and equal, having a shared history as a part of ICCS. The ICCS is the glue holding it all together and continuing the work of educating and graduating St. Kitts-Nevis’ brightest and best.

The design was executed by Peter Carberry of Carberry Creative in New York City (peter@carberrycreative.com).

Special thanks to them both for capturing the essence of what the ICCS Alumni Association is and is all about.

We invite all former benefactors, teachers as well as other staff, and of course the past students of the two schools (both graduates and non-graduating attendees) 18 years of age or older to complete the free registration process and become a part of history in the making.